"Yes, I am a Q Follower": Down the Rabbit Hole with Keeping Kids in School Pac's Cora Landis

Next week we meet Debra Cannon, the Central Bucks School District Candidate endorsed by the local Three Percent militia cell - Proud American Patriots Network.

Palisades School District’s Cora Landis is the perfect prototype of Bucks County Republican school board candidates: She is an an extremist and a conspiracy theorist, and as a result unqualified. This is why I decided to showcase her first with this new Meet a Far-Right Candidate series. I will let her own words speak for herself. But before you jump down this rabbit hole, I just want to recommend two articles that expose the dark money and state and national far-right networks behind the extremist putsches targeting school boards across Bucks County and the country: “School Board Disruptions Escalate, Funded By Conservative Dark Moneyby Jordan Hopkins and “School Boards: Fascists and their collaborators don’t actually care about free speech” by Ryan Cook. They are really worth reading, and Hopkins will also be on Raging Chicken Media’s Out d'Coup LIVE podcast on Monday.

Now, here is Cora Landis in her own words:

There’s more, sadly. But you get the picture. Support Democratic candidate Jamie Davis for Palisades School Board with dollars and door-knocking: https://davisforpalisades.com/. You can also find out more about her in this interview:

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Meet a School Board Candidate: Jamie Davis
Time Magazine recently published an article titled: “QAnon Candidates Are Winning Local Elections. Can They Be Stopped?” This question is especially pertinent for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, ground zero for the QAnon wing of Trump’s Republican party. Local right-wing extremists are trying to infiltrate local school boards throughout the d…
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