Keeping Kids in School PAC-Endorsed QAnon Follower & Bigot Ricki Chaikin Is Unfit for Pennridge School Board

The far-right extremist Chaikin believes "the real villains in America" are "teachers" and "journalists."

This week’s addition to the Bucks County Republican Party Rogues Gallery is Pennridge School Board candidate Ricki Chaikin, who like other Bucks GOPers and Keeping Kids in School PAC candidates, is not only an extremist, but is also a QAnon disciple.

As I explained in a past column for The Bucks County Courier Times:

“QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory and essentially a community of tinfoil hat far-right Trumpers who believe the former president is a messianic figure here to save us from a Satanic cannibalistic pedophile ring led by Democrats. The FBI has labelled QAnon a domestic terrorism threat and as ABC News reported, many of those arrested at the Jan. 6 insurrection were Q-supporters.”

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These posts illustrate how Ricki Chaikin would represent LGBTQ kids in the district:

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Chaikin was so incensed and threatened recently at the thought of LGBTQ kids feeling safe and accepted at school that she responded to an email from Pennridge High School’s principal demanding there be hanging crosses to designate a “safe space for Christians" and creating safe spaces for "white people" and "men."

There’s more, if you can stomach it:

Chaikin is part of a far-right movement in Pennridge School District that wants to turn back the clock to the 1950s when LGBTQ folks were in the closet and people of color were out of sight and out of mind. For instance, in my last column for The Bucks County Courier Times, “Bucks County youth must rise up to defend education,” I report on her base’s attempts to ethnically cleanse curricula of Black and Brown voices:

For more context, also read my column: “Anti-Critical Race Theory hysteria revives McCarthyism, Klan politics”:

Here are the Democratic candidates running against the far-right in Pennridge:


To learn more about the Pennridge United School Board candidates visit their Facebook page: And most importantly get involved!

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